School uniform and equipment

We are proud of our school uniform. It is practical, looks smart and contributes to a feeling of belonging to the school.

Our dress code is practical and allows a choice within very clear boundaries. The dress code applies both within school and on the journey to and from school. 

Please help us to maintain our high standards and expectations by ensuring that your son/daughter is wearing the full school uniform. The school will contact parents and carers if any issues arise linked to a student's uniform or appearance. 

Oakbank branded items* are available to purchase from Stevensons Uniform Suppliers in Reading. Non-branded items are also available to purchase from this supplier or can be purchased from any uniform or sports retailer.

* Stevensons store in Reading is closed until the new year for refurbishment. Online orders and click and collect only available.


Please note that students are not permitted to wear hoodies, denim, sweatshirts, trainers, canvas shoes, plimsolls, boots, training shoes, shoes with logos or any contrasting colours and leggings. 

Item Style
Jumper Oakbank charcoal grey jumper with logo* (from Stevensons)
Tie Oakbank tie with House colour stripes* (from Stevensons)



Black, tailored style, full length and straight leg trousers
Black, A-line or pleated, knee length (or just below) skirt

Shirt White, button up to the neck, with collar, cotton type, short or long sleeve
Shoes Black, low heeled, practical for school, no trainers, no sports logo, no mesh, polishable
Socks/tights Black or white (ankle or knee length) socks or black tights
Outdoor coat Plain
All students are strongly advised to label all items of clothing.



In general, jewellery is inappropriate at school and should not be worn. However, students can wear:

  • A plain watch. 
  • A single stud in each ear. These studs should be small and gold or silver-coloured.  

For safety reasons, studs should be removed for PE and Games lessons. 

Other earrings and rings are not to be worn and other body piercings, such as nose studs, or piercings at the top of the ear are not allowed. If you arrive at school wearing these items, you will be asked to remove them immediately. Please note that the fact a piercing has not healed is not an excuse for it to stay in. Consider this carefully before spending the money on such a piercing.

Make-up and hairstyles

Make-up (which includes false eyelashes), nail varnish and nail extensions are not permitted.

Extreme hairstyles such as bright colours or tram lines are not allowed. To avoid embarrassment or unnecessary cost, if a student or parent is in any doubt about a hairstyle, or the purchase of an item of clothing, they should speak with their Head of Year before going ahead.

Students will be asked to rectify any hairstyle, or replace any clothing at their expense, that is perceived to be unsuitable for school.

PE kit requirements

Please note that items marked with ** are compulsory for all students.

Item Style/use
Polo shirt ** Black and green, short sleeve (from Stevensons)
Shorts/skirt ** Black, regular length, not long, loose fitting, no big logos or designs (option to purchase school black shorts/skirt with green stripe from Stevensons)
Games socks ** Black ¾ length
Optional base layer Black. To wear underneath their PE kit to provide additional warmth and comfort during lessons in colder months. Sports leggings or cycle shorts must also be worn underneath standard PE shorts or skorts
Trainers ** Suitable sports trainers
Football boots Studded for outdoor use
Shin pads Required when students play football, rugby and all 3G activity.
Mouth guard Widely available. They should come in their own case, which needs to be labelled clearly with your child’s name on it. Shock Doctor mouth guards are a popular ‘boil and bite’ option.

Equipment list

  • Pens -  black pen for work in books, any other coloured pen for FIT work except purple which we use for marking
  • Sharpened writing pencils
  • Sharpened coloured pencils
  • Small non-permanent marker pen
  • Rubber
  • Glue stick
  • 30cm ruler
  • Maths set (containing protractor, compass, set square)
  • Scientific Calculator (For example: Casio Calculator - FX-83GTX or FX-85GTX)
  • At two highlighter pens
  • Reading book

Personal possessions

Personal possessions, including cycles, mobile phones and iPods, are not covered by the school’s insurance and students should exercise caution in what they bring to school.

Where mobile phones are brought to school we will expect them to be turned off between 8.20am and 3.00pm.

Students who cycle to school are advised to wear a suitable cycle helmet and must ensure that the bicycle is in a roadworthy condition with effective brakes and for dark mornings and nights, functioning lights.