In-year applications

We welcome applications from parents at any time outside the normal admissions round.

Applications for in-year admissions should be made directly to the School. Please email in the first instance. 

As is the case in the normal admissions round, all children whose EHCP names the school will be admitted.

We will admit up to the PAN of the respective year group at the point of entry in all year groups. The PAN for all year groups is 112.

If this would cause prejudice to the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources, it may be necessary to refuse a place although the year group has not reached the School's PAN.

If there are no spaces available at the time of the application, the child’s name may on request be added to our waiting list for the relevant year group.

Please see our Admissions Policy for how the waiting list is operated. This policy will be reviewed and approved by Anthem every year. Whenever relevant changes to admission arrangements are proposed (except where the change is an increase to the agreed admission number), the school will publicly consult on these changes in accordance with the Admissions Code.


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