Our House System

Belonging to a House is a pivotal part of the school experience as our pastoral system is based upon the four houses competing to be truly excellent in all that they do.

Added to the sense of belonging to a Tutor Group, being a part of a House, can give students a sense of identity and purpose outside of the curriculum.

During the first Induction Day, all new students will be assigned to a House which will be their House throughout their school career.  

Students wear the tie which bears their house colour and compete in challenges throughout the year which along with attendance, positive attitudes,commitment and progress goes towards the coveted House Trophy.

The House System also supports charity work and provides a range of opportunities for students to serve the school community as well as make sure the Student Voice is represented in the continued growth of the school.

The four Houses are:

Curie oakbank house logos Hillary oakbank house logos Keller oakbank house logos Mandela oakbank house logos