Potential high attainers

We are committed to providing a sufficiently challenging curriculum to ensure pace and challenge for every student, including potential high attainers (PHAs).

PHA provision at Oakbank seeks to recognise students through careful identification using Key Stage 2 data, CAT test scores and teacher-generated criteria. Those identified receive a support programme including regular workshops, mentoring, bespoke visits and talks from guest speakers to further enhance their learning.

Other opportunities may include team-building and wellbeing days, enrichment courses at Wellington College and day trips to Reading and Oxford Universities.

Departments at Oakbank also identify students who demonstrate ‘Excellence in Subjects.’ These students are celebrated and encouraged by the departments. There is also the opportunity for students who display excellence in four or more of their subjects to be added to the PHA register, regardless of their Key Stage 2 data.

Both the PHA register and ‘Excellence in Subjects’ lists are reviewed regularly.