Home learning

At Oakbank School we believe that home learning is an integral part of education. 

Home learning is set on a regular basis throughout the school. However, occasionally the class teacher/department may feel that home learning will not be necessary with a specific topic/skill. On these occasions we suggest students spend the recommended home learning time enjoying their current reading book.

Please note: We value the time of our students and their families and understand that good planning and organisation is important for academic success and wellbeing. Therefore, there will be no home learning set overnight, this includes a weekend. For example, work set on a Friday will not be expected in on the next working day i.e. Monday.

Year group Total per week Home learning set
7 5 hrs 3 x 20 minute home learning tasks per night
8 7.5 hrs  3 x 30 minute home learning tasks per night
9 7.5 hrs  3 x 30 minute home learning tasks per night
10 and 11 10 hrs 3 x 40 minute home learning tasks per night

Completing home learning

Providing that there are no extenuating circumstances, students must complete all set work. If a student does not understand the home learning they must see/email the member of staff concerned for assistance at least the day before the home learning is due in.

All home learning submissions will be recorded on Class Charts. If a pupil misses three home learnings, in any subjects, they must attend Home Learning Correction, for one hour, on the next school day for to help support the student with developing better home learning habits. They will spend their hour time catching up on their missed work, or if this has already been completed it will be used for completing the work set that day. The student will have a computer to work on and the room will be quiet allowing the student to concentrate on their home learning without interruption.

If a student has SEND needs, they will be invited to attend Home Learning Support with the SEND Team if they are struggling with their home learning.

Useful links

Subject Resource Link
All Microsoft Office www.office.com  
All GCSEPod www.gcsepod.com
All BBC Bitesize https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize
All Seneca www.senecalearning.com

Tate Kids - activities and quizzes

Art Tate collections www.tate.org.uk
Art The Arnolfini, Bristol contemporary art gallery https://arnolfini.org.uk/
Art Courtauld Institute https://courtauld.ac.uk/
Art Victoria Art Gallery, Bath https://www.victoriagal.org.uk/
Art Fashion Museum Bath https://www.fashionmuseum.co.uk/
Computer Science, Creative iMedia, Enterprise & Marketing Quizizz https://quizizz.com/join
Computer Science Learn Python https://learnpython.org
Computer Science Amazon Future Engineer https://amazonpython.firetechcamp.com/login
Computer Science Scratch https://scratch.mit.edu/
Computer Science CodeCombat https://codecombat.com/
Computer Science Turtle Academy https://turtleacademy.com/playground
Design & Technology Seneca learning www.senecalearning.com
Drama Willy Russell.com http://www.willyrussell.com/bloodbrothers_history.html
Drama Wicked the musical https://www.wickedthemusical.co.uk/
Drama Matilda the musical http://uk.matildathemusical.com/#
Drama Woman in Black https://www.thewomaninblack.com/
Enterprise & Marketing Tenner Project https://www.tenner.org.uk/
Enterprise & Marketing Business Ed https://businessed.co.uk/index.php/home/theory/camnat-public/camnat-theory-notes-public
French  Duolingo www.duolingo.com
Geography Kerboodle www.kerboodle.com
History Brainscape Revision Cards www.brainscape.com
History Oakbank History Department website www.oakbankhistory.weebly.com
History History extra www.Historyextra.com
Maths Hegarty www.hegartymaths.com
Music OCR GCSE Music virtual textbook https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNeHS3oeH242gKpGrZAA-xvafcIOjjpw6
Science Focus eLearning http://www.focuselearning.co.uk/u/32804/BrkjAxrggbmvyCFrsFBwCllydndjqizlA
Science Educake www.educake.co.uk
Science Kerboodle www.kerboodle.com
Science Revision World https://revisionworld.com/gcse-revision/science (GCSE Science revision resources - free to sign up)
Science Maths made Easy https://mathsmadeeasy.co.uk/gcse-science-revision/ (excellent resource for KS4 question practice)
Science The Student room https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/gcse/  (GCSE revision resources - scroll to the bottom of the page for subject selection.  Free to sign up for an account if you wish.)
Science You Tube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqbOeHaAUXw9Il7sBVG3_bw  (Free GCSE science lesson videos on You Tube - student friendly - check permissions for access)