Six learning habits

At Oakbank, our expectation is that students do the right thing because it is the right thing to do and that they do that first time, every time. Our six learning habits set out what this means in practice...

Be 'on task'

On task behaviour means students following instructions first time, every time, both in lessons and around the school. Students are reminded regularly of the purpose of doing this - to ensure they and others around them can concentrate on their learning and make progress.

Examples of on task behaviour include tracking the speaker, talking in class only when the task demands it and only bringing healthy snacks to school. Students are expected to remain in lessons at all times and will not be allowed to go to the toilet during lesson times unless they have a medical reason. If a student displays 'off task' behaviour, they will be issued with a correction.

No answering back

It is important students respond to staff in an appropriate, respectful manner. These responses include nodding, immediately doing the right thing, apologising or respectfully requesting to speak to the member of staff at another point. If a student does not respond appropriately, they will either receive a correction or, potentially, receive a Red Line.

Home learning

Students are expected to complete homework each evening, including logging their reading on Accelerated Reader. Completing work outside of lessons is important to consolidate and master learning and helps students to develop their organisational skills.

Home learning deadlines must be met with work that meets the specific expectations set out, and wherever work is physically being handed in, it must have the student's name on it. If work is not completed and handed in on the correct day students will be expected to attend Home Learning Club.


At Oakbank, everyone is expected to be on time to school, to lessons and to line-up throughout the day. Each day, all students in Years 7 to 11 must be at the correct place for line-up at 8.40am. If a student is late, it would not be fair on the rest of their class/year group and therefore, they would receive a correction.


Just as they will when they attend interviews for their future jobs, it is important that our students take pride in themselves and their appearance at school. This means following the uniform expectations outlined in the School Handbook, including on their way to and from school.

If a student wears the incorrect uniform, this wouldn’t be fair on everyone else and, therefore, they would receive a correction. The student would then either be able to borrow an item of clothing and go back into lesson, or they would be placed in Red Line until a family member could bring in the correct clothing for them.


At Oakbank, everyone is expected to bring in their own equipment in a transparent plastic pencil case. A full list of equipment is available on the school uniform page of this website. Students who fail to bring in the correct equipment are not ready to learn and will receive a correction.

Students must not use their pens to draw on tables or their arms, they should also not take apart their pens. Students seen doing this will receive a Community Correction as this is considered vandalism.